Men's vs Women's Wedding Bands

One of the frequently asked question from our customers is the difference between men's and women's wedding bands.


-What are popular wedding bands for men?

-What are popular wedding bands for women?

-Are the ring different between men's sizes and women's sizes?


According to our experience, the most popular widths for men's wedding bands are 4mm-6mm. The most popular widths for women's wedding bands are 2-4mm.  Of course, men can wear 2mm or 3mm wedding bands and women can wear 10mm or 12mm wide wedding bands.  

Gold and platinum wedding bands are very popular for women.  For men's, gold, platinum, and tungsten wedding bands are very popular.  

Many men prefer to have a satin finish (or brushed finish).  We do not know the exact reason why, but our guess is that men prefer a ring that is not too shiny nor bright.

About ring sizes...

Unlike clothe or shoes, Wedding bands are unisize.  A men's size 6 ring is the same as women's size 6 ring. A women's size 8 ring is the same as a men's size 8 ring.  The typical women's size is 6 and typical men's size is 10 based on our experience.  


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